Sunday, December 06, 2009


Our neighbor Lisa makes amazing cakes. Here's some photographic evidence (click on each photo to see a larger version).

Here's the one she made for Sawyer's first birthday (that's Lisa and her husband Bryan in the photo). Note that she asked for Sawyer's favorite toy, and we gave her the dumptruck and rubber ducky in the foreground.

Here's the cake she made for my 40th birthday -- note the yardlines (40), the score (40 - 0), there are 40 Cal fans in the stands (and one Stanford fan, who is Cindy, and who is holding a baby wearing red AND gold).

As a bonus, here's a cake she made with a "penguin" theme for another neighbor. The "water" is 3 different colors of boiled sugar. The penguins jumping off of the iceberg are individually sculpted and handpainted (and, of course, edible!).